Using YouTube for business - video marketingAs a business, you want potential customers to find you online. With more than 1 billion unique users and over 4 billion hours of video watched each month, YouTube offers you a powerful sales opportunity.

If you compare YouTube’s levels of search traffic to the traditional search engines, it gets the No.2 spot behind Google.

Here are 8 more reasons why using YouTube for business should be part of your online marketing strategy:

1. SEO – YouTube videos are shown on Google results. You can optimise your videos, using keywords and phrases in videos’ titles and descriptions. You can also tag videos using your target keywords

2. Social potential – get the video content right and you will generate likes and comments, boosting your rankings on both Google and YouTube searches. Embedding YouTube videos on websites, blogs and on social networks is also very easy

3. High quality video has never been more affordable – equipment and software are cheaper and more accessible (an iphone will do for example) and the production skills and tools such as final cut pro x needed are more widely available

4. The YouTube app is device-friendly – your videos can be viewed on PCs, mobiles and tablets

5. For many sectors, an effective presence (or a presence at all!) on YouTube gives businesses an edge over competitors – is that the case in yours?

6. Video is a very effective medium for communicating key information and sales messages in an engaging way. It’s an opportunity to give your brand a ‘face’ and personality, influencing the way you’re perceived by prospects

7. People have different preferences about the formats and channels they use to find information, so a presence on YouTube could help you reach new audiences

8. It’s not just about making a corporate video about your business and products – using YouTube for business is also about helping your potential customers solve their problems and find answers

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