What we do

Design and build bespoke websites

Make leads and sales with digital marketing

Help develop digital business strategies

A commercial approach to creativity

Results are at the heart of everything we do, so we send comprehensive and easy-to-understand progress reports to all clients at the end of each month.

Our products are only successful when they lead to bigger revenues for our customers.

What do you want to achieve?

Whatever your goals and wherever your priorities lie, we have the skills and the drive to reach your personal definition of success.

  • More sales

    Generate more leads and sales through your website and social media

  • Different customers

    Target different customers or develop a niche

  • More repeat business

    Turn more browsers into customers and more customers into followers

  • National and international expansion

    Broaden your horizons with national and international online sales

Full-service digital agency

The Artlab employs a team of in-house specialist and technicians to make sure that projects are co-ordinated properly and that there is always someone to take your call.

We provide one point of contact for all of your web-based services and offer complete control over the online sales funnel.

Specialists in industry

Managing Director Rick Lees is an experienced marketing consultant having worked with the now defunct Manufacturing Advisory Service and Business Growth Service.

Contact us to learn more about government consultancy grants and other related schemes.

Government grants and schemes

Contact us to learn more about any grants and schemes currently available

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