We start with you

Your company and your value proposition, what ‘makes’ your business and where you want it to be in the future. Most companies will never define and pinpoint their value proposition.

But, whatever it is that sets you apart from the competition, we’ll find it. And then we’ll make a noise about it.

Your audience

We look to paint a picture of who your customers and potential customers are so we can communicate with them more effectively.

Your objectives

We’ve never met a client who’s objective wasn’t to boost profit. However, there are other objectives that underpin that and help it become a reality.

Whether you want to break into the Norwegian market, or focus on selling more of a particular service because it is easier to scale up, the Artlab can help you develop strategies to realise these goals.

Your status

Every client who comes to us has tried some sort of online marketing, be it internally or outsourced, but for some reason they’ve been left dissatisfied.

We look at where your online presence is currently and audit it to discover what has actually worked for you, what hasn’t and what we can do better. We look at the untapped potential within your business from a marketing perspective.

Strategy and planning

From all this analysis is born a well-informed strategy that brings together quality content, clever social media and SEO techniques to give you an edge over the competition.

We look to align the content strategy with external factors; market events, company and industry news and essentially anything that will resonate with your audience whilst using social media scheduling in tandem to maximise the exposure of your brand.


We work hard to deliver the strategy in a way that maximises impact for your business. We don’t just bring new visitors to your website, we also convert more of them into sales.

Our in-house team of copywriters, social media experts and designers are at the top of their game and are always striving to create better and more effective work.

Report and refine

The above is just the start of it. Once we’re up and running, we measure the fruits of our labour and analyse.

We look at visitor behaviour, we look at how they engage with content, which messages pull them in, which don’t, what makes them shrug their shoulders and what makes them think you are the answer to their prayers. Then we plan how to do it better.

Doing SEO wrong?

Old fashioned SEO won't work anymore. We can help update your campaign.

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