Your next digital agency

The Artlab is a full-service digital agency. That means we are a website design agency, a digital marketing agency and an online strategy agency, all rolled into one.

There are lots of companies that offer the same package of services as The Artlab, but there’s a few things that make us different.

We are results driven

Whether you want a new website, SEO, PPC, content or social media marketing, there’s only ever one place that we start – what you want to achieve.

We get to know your goals and use them to sketch a picture of success. Then we use different digital strategies and creative tactics to help get you there.

We partner clients

We’re not out to make a quick buck, we’re in this for the long run. We like to form deep rooted partnerships all based on improvements.

We keep showing you improvements and we hope that you’ll keep us on as your digital experts.

We won’t hold you hostage

If your circumstances change or you aren’t happy with our service, then we won’t hold you hostage.

Our client contracts are very flexible, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re locked into anything too serious.

We are manufacturing specialists

We work with lots of manufacturers and have developed a niche in websites for manufacturers and marketing for manufacturers.

The team has lots of experience in the sector and Managing Director Rick Lees is a digital consultant with the Manufacturing Advisory Service and Business Growth Service.

We can also help manufacturers and other businesses access grant funding to put towards digital projects.