We create seamless websites that are attractive and functional in equal measures.

We’ve designed websites for a lot of different companies in a lot of different industries but have developed a particular specialty working with manufacturers and service providers.

We never use templates

A lot of so called web-design ‘experts’ are really only experts at selecting and modifying pre-existing website templates. We think that using templates gives you a poorly-functional website that looks like every other website in your industry.

Our websites are designed to be unique. And they are built to be non-restrictive and fully editable.

What do you want to achieve 

Whatever you want to achieve, whether it’s targeting a new type of customer or project a more coherent brand image on the internet, The Artlab can help. We can deliver a bespoke website suitable to your needs.

  • Project a professional company image online

    An outdated website can reflect badly on your company and restrict your growth prospects

  • Build a professional and trustworthy brand

    Your website is a key part of your company's brand in the digital age

  • Sell products directly to your customers

    Your website is also an opportunity to sell products and supplement your offline income

Mobile responsive website

A website that isn’t designed to be opened on a mobile phone or tablet could be hurting your business.

The majority of Google searches are now completed on mobile devices, and websites that aren’t mobile friendly are punished by search engines. Check whether your website is mobile friendly.

If your website is not mobile friendly then the chances are that you are missing out on a lot of traffic and potential customers. The Artlab designs websites to be optimised for mobile as standard.

The website is designed to adapt to different screen sizes, so that it always looks its best.

Mobile responsive websites improve user experience and generates more conversions. If you are serious about winning business online then you can’t afford to be without a mobile responsive website.





Gin Parlour

Gin Parlour



e-Commerce / shopping cart websites

An e-Commerce website lets you sell goods and services directly over the internet. Building an e-Commerce website or adding a shopping cart to your current site is a great way for small businesses to open up new revenue streams, but it is important that they work smoothly.

The Artlab build bespoke online shops for manufacturers and distributors.

An online shop is a great way of selling directly to the public without the risk of investing in a physical location. But any successful e-Commerce business requires a professionally designed website.

Internet shoppers are more confident than ever, but they are still reluctant to pay for goods and services from dodgy online retailers. Convincing consumers to part with their credit card information means building their trust and the Artlab have the skills and knowledge to make that happen.

The Artlab has experience building on some of the most popular e-Commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart.





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