Online credibility with websiteLet’s assume that your website is riding high in the search engines. The content you create is shared across social media and the site’s keyword focus is ensuring that you get a steady stream of qualified visitors.

Job done eh?

Then why does your contact form have digital tumbleweed blowing across it? And that phone hasn’t rung as much as you thought it would either. What’s the problem?

Metaphorically speaking, there’s no point in writing the most alluring lonely hearts ad if they don’t like what they see through the restaurant window.

In short, your site could be putting them off. It needs to reassure them that you are credible, trustworthy and more than capable of carrying out whatever they may require from you.

So here’s 5 tips on ensuring those fickle visitors stick around and make contact:

Spelling and grammar

Bad spelling and grammar not only give a poor impression of your company, it can also affect the experience of your site’s visitors.

Nobody wants to have to work their way through text. If text isn’t clear and simple to follow, the message you’re trying to get across will be lost.

Website design

It doesn’t need to be state of the art exactly but an old, cheap or outdated looking site will likely be translated as meaning an old, cheap or outdated company.

People are subconsciously aware what websites should look like as they browse so many daily. And if yours looks below par, it’ll turn them straight off.

Show yourselves

An unfortunate development of the internet is the mount of spam and fraud sites that are online. These are generally masquerading as something they are not and so they have to use stock images left right and centre.

Another thing people have become wary about using pictures of shiny teeth businessmen and super model telephone operators. People see these sites and can subconsciously assume that the company is hiding something.

People want to see you and what you’re about. Show the team and show your working environment.

Don’t be modest

Ensure visitors see proof of your capabilities. If you manufacture, show your production line and machinery for example.

There are many companies who come across as manufacturers but are actually middle men; ‘made in the UK’ can be a big selling point in some industries so shout about it.

Demonstrate competence

Client testimonials and accreditation or professional certifications reassure potential customers and let them know that you’re a credible and professional outfit. Make use of them.

Quick tip – regularly spotlight on a specific capability on your site, talking through the processes used and add in a testimonial from a client.

Advanced tip – use video. This could be showing you / your business /  your machinery in action.  If you create a product, show how is it made. If you provide a service, show how it is delivered.

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