We were discussing the Small Business Advice Week in our Friday morning meeting and someone asked me, “ What one piece of advice would you give a small business?”

small business seo fundingWell, there are the usual tips that those who’ve kept their business afloat in those early tough years like to pass on – keep an eye on cashflow, recruit wisely, have a structured approach etc. These are of course all things you need to be aware of. But one thing that’s always struck me is how little awareness there is about the funding that companies are entitled to.

Actually, maybe awareness isn’t the right word. Scepticism.

Government funded marketing projects

My name is Rick Lees. I started the Artlab 6 years ago with the mission of creating an agency that was straightforward to deal with, hardworking, transparent and, more importantly, delivered results. On the back of that, I’m proud to say that a big part of our longevity is down to our customer retention and referrals – testament to the great work that our team deliver.

I’m lucky to have represented a number of government schemes over the years, either in a consultancy, coaching or training role, helping companies get more out of their marketing and lead generation. Some companies have embraced these schemes, such as the Business Growth Service, utilising the funding to get professional help at a fraction of its usual cost. And the stats show that they’ve seen real benefits from it – increased turnover, profit, recruitment etc.

But there were a still a lot of companies who appeared to be quite sceptical. I often wondered if they thought there was a catch somewhere.

There’s no catch. If your company carries out any kind of sales and marketing process, whether online or offline, there is real and tangible help out there that can make a difference to your bottom line. The only criterion is that you want to grow your business.

Do you need digital marketing help?

Ask yourself….

  •  Is your website performing well enough?
  • Does your brand represent you in the best light?
  • Are you getting good value from your marketing campaigns?
  • Are your lead generation programs delivering results?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you should seriously consider take advantage of the government funding that’s available.

Remember, it’s a finite pot of cash – once its gone, its gone. It could make a real difference to your business.

 To learn more about the various schemes available and how much funding you may be entitled to, contact Rick on 0161 974 0974. There is no commitment to sign up prior to finding out what you may be entitled to – so there’s nothing to lose!