Get more people through the door by improving your local search ranking.

Improving your local search ranking helps more nearby people find you and boost your business.

Coffee shop, garage or restaurant looking for SEO? Local search ranking is to start. Find out what it takes to outrank your competitors.

What is Local SEO?

Appearing ahead of your competitors is important but it is also hard. People in the top positions of google for search terms like ‘Coffee Shop’ and ‘Garage.’

Research shows that more than 40% of search queries have a ‘local intent’ this means that somebody is looking for something in a particular location – usually where they are at the moment.

As the nation becomes more tech-savvy and mobile phones become more pervasive, this is only going to go up.

Search engines have adapted to this by showing nearby results towards the top of any ‘local’ search queries. This has been fuelled even more by mobile searches. When somebody is searching on a mobile phone then they are out and about and trying to find something .

As far back as 2011 around 40% of search queries had a local intent – something which has increased due to a growth in mobile devices being used for search. Research shows that the number of searches done via mobile devices is constantly on the grow and as such people are using these devices to find goods and services local to them. If you don’t put the effort into local search then you are missing out on huge opportunities.

Our Services

  • technical SEO work to boost your search visibility to local searchers
  • localised content
  • localised PR, citations and linkbuilding
  • highly target local paid campaigns both social media and adwords

Our customers are able to find us online allowing our business to continue to grow.

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