Artlab Managing Director Rick Lees spoke to manufacturers in Cheshire last week about new digital market opportunities post-Brexit.

Speaking at a Manufacturing Growth Fund event last Thursday, Rick explained why it’s more important than ever before for manufacturers to improve their online presence.

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Alongside experts in trade and foreign exchange, Rick spoke about how a strong online presence can help manufacturers sell more after Brexit. Focussing on exporting, international SEO and eCommerce Rick explored how manufacturers should prepare for Brexit.

One of the biggest opportunities he identified was the potential for UK manufacturers to sell directly to their UK customers by eCommerce. Online shopping is big business in the UK where almost 15% of our products are now bought online.

The falling value of the pound has made imports more expensive and for some businesses there is scope to increase revenue by selling UK-made products at home and abroad. Manufacturers that have pursued this strategy with The Artlab have seen their sales increase 30% year on year.