One of the biggest challenges in business today is actually being able to set aside the time to carry out all the natural search engine optimisation tasks to  ensure decent online quick natural search engine optimisation tasksvisibility. Let’s face it, if it was easy, there’d be no need for SEO companies like ours would there? Either way, its vital that business owners realise how central decent online visibility is to the overall success of a business. If you don’t drive traffic and leads to your website, how can you sell to them? If you don’t connect with your target audience, how can you expect them to connect with you?

In the consultancy work I’ve carried out over the last few years, ‘not having the time’ seems to be the catch all excuse for any marketing task that doesn’t get done. At the risk of coming over like a time management guru, there will never be time for all the tasks you need to do so prioritising them is key. And SEO is worth prioritising. It needn’t be horrendously time consuming either. Whatever you can do is going to have a better effect on your site’s ranking than doing nothing and sticking at the task regularity will bring you results sooner than you think. So here’s a few pointers to getting the most out of your precious time.

Natural SEO made easy

1. A (quality) link a day
Finding top quality yet relevant links is one of the trickiest tasks in SEO, but with arguably the biggest impact on your organic search ranking. Because the best links can be very time consuming to build, its tempting to take the easy route and go for those that take minimum effort. Unfortunately, these also carry the minimum clout. Only quality links provide good value for your website. So how do you find them? One way is to check your competitor’s links through carrying out a competitor analysis and have a go at building those links to your own site. Some may take longer to build than others, but it’s worth the effort. No pain, no gain!

2. Build up your content library
At the Artlab, we know that great SEO is all about great content. But those articles don’t write themselves. So on busy days, its easy to chuck blogging and general content addition to the back of the queue. But if you had a library of prepared content ready to go, you’re always ready to add to the blog or build a new web page. So, when you have a spare hour, on those occasional quiet days (the next 2 months will probably have a few of them!), take advantage and get ahead with your content writing. For instance, you could write two articles instead of one or finally add a new page to the website for that new service you offer. Without regular, quality content, your website suffers and your search ranking will wither and die. Committing to a schedule of SEO content writing takes discipline but the ranking rewards will come. So, put that spare time to good use.

3. Swot up on the latest natural search engine optimisation wisdom
Google’s algorithm definitely has ants in its pants so keeping up with its latest moves, and the industry reaction, is important if you want to stay ahead of the pack. A great time to do this is first thing in the morning, before the phone starts ringing. Grab a brew and sift through the latest blog posts. You can speed up finding these by setting up a Google alert and they’ll get emailed straight to you. 15 minutes a morning is all it takes and, even if you’re just skimming the articles and reading some of the headlines, some SEO knowledge will be sinking in.

4. Plan your social media ahead
This is another marketing area that gets consigned to the backburner when the going gets busy. But social media counts more towards your natural SEO than ever and with a little forward planning, it needn’t be cast by the wayside. Try scheduling some of your social media updates in advance. This is easier than it sounds. If you’re promoting something in a few weeks, plan how your social media activity will pan out – schedule promotional Tweets or Facebook and LinkedIn updates. With these already done, it’s one less area to consider when you’re actually running the promotion. And if you’re not already, make sure your blog posts auto-update your social media. That’s one job out of the way.

5. Check the competition
How are you ranking for your target keywords compared to your competitors? What are they doing that you’re not? Being successful in business mean staying one step ahead of the competition and this is truer than ever with SEO. Learn more about Complete SEO. So make time once a month just to check up on a couple of your nearest online competitors. If they’ve leapfrogged you on the search engines for a certain keyword, channel more time into targeting that keyword with your SEO efforts, before your site traffic jumps ship. And use our Competitor Analysis to find out how they’re doing it!

Key to getting these tasks done is to remember that a little regular work can reap big benefits over a period of time. Try not to get overwhelmed with the job as a whole, just keep chipping away. Remember, Google will reward those sites that grow steadily and adding content and links regularly is central to successful natural search engine optimisation.