The Artlab has worked closely with manufacturing companies since its inception and we’re proud to have provided website design, SEO or marketing consultancy and strategy advice to more than a hundred companies. We understand manufacturer needs and motivations and can draw on a wealth of experience for your web project or marketing campaign.

Manufacturers can sometimes be slow to innovate, and while many of our clients have been sceptical about the value of a new website or SEO campaign in their industry we have gone on to deliver some of our best results for manufacturing companies.

A well planned website is critical for all businesses today, including manufacturers.


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A decent website enables bona fide manufacturers to distinguish themselves from other online companies, who can pass themselves off as manufacturing supplier, when they’re actually operating out of a garden shed.

Your website should showcase the best and most important parts of your business. Prospective customers don’t want to see the abstract stock images that developers use to make companies look bigger than they are. They want to look at your plant, machinery and even staff, and feel comfortable with whom they are dealing with.

As well as the core content, it’s important that the site is well designed, both from a usability and style perspective. Many websites within the manufacturing sector need to show a wealth of information – product information, plant capability etc – and can run into dozens of pages.

Therefore the site needs to be laid out intuitively, making it easy for prospective clients to find what they’re looking for.  But equally, the look of the website gives visitors confidence that you’re a solid, dependable company. A poor design can you make look amateurish and, worse still, even untrustworthy.

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7 manufacturing website ‘must-haves’

  • Show off your premises

    It doesn’t need to look like the Apple HQ to inspire confidence in your potential customers.

  • Make it a reference point for your products

    That might sound obvious but many original product manufacturers don’t provide a resource for specs and other information.

  • Show capability

    Showcase your machinery – photos and, if possible, videos prove to your market that you ‘can do’.

  • Blog regularly

    Talk about latest industry developments, your projects and anything else that helps make your website the go to for your sector.

  • Add testimonials

    Many manufacturing companies feel uncomfortable about putting their customers on the site but nothing makes the sales process smoother than an endorsement.

  • Measure your product pages

    Adding tools such as Google Analytics means you’re able to gauge the popularity of particular products or services, valuable information when considering your future strategy.

  • Easily contactable

    This means more than just having an email address on your Contact page. Adding forms that are relevant to specific products and services means you are more likely to get a better response and less likely to miss an opportunity.

Securing funding towards your website project

At the Artlab, we’re proud to be involved in a number of government and EU schemes that aim to give British manufacturing a boost. We have access to funding towards website development and marketing.

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