There is plenty of speculation about what the next step is for social media, well Facebook has made the first big step in showing us what the future holds.

Facebook Horizons

Facebook have recently unveiled a new social VR world coming to Oculus Quest and Rift Platform in 2020. Virtual Reality is increasing in popularity and is becoming more and more affordable, VR is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment with users wearing the instantly recognisable head-mounted display allowing them to immerse themselves and interact in 3D worlds. Stimulating all the human senses such as sight, sound and touch offers an experience unlike traditional user interfaces.

Horizons is an ever-expanding VR world where users can explore, play, and create in unbelievable ways. Not only can you explore the virtual world as it expands and transforms, but you can also discover all sorts of new interests and learn new skills. Before stepping into Horizon for the first time, users can design avatars from a variety of style and body options to ensure everyone can fully express their own individuality. From there, portals called tele pods will transport you to public spaces and new worlds filled with adventure and exploration. Whether it’s a new locations, communities, events or interesting activities you can build it how you see it. Users can fly to the moon; connect with friends across the planet and swim in the ocean without losing your breath. The world will be constantly expanding with extraordinary creations made by Horizon citizens, each time you visit you can add something new.


In the beginning, users will be placed in games and experiences produced by Facebook themselves such as Wing Strikers. But the fun won’t stop there, as you will also be able to jump into other Horizon worlds and compete in 1v1 challenges or gather your friends for team-based sports with activities and games created using the World Builder, which is an easy to use creator-tool. This creator tool allows people with no coding experience to get in on the creative madness. In Horizon, you can team up with other users from around the world to solve puzzles, take on challenges, and explore the endless possibilities together.

Credit: Facebook Horizons


With Horizon’s powerful built-in drag and drop tools even if you’re just starting out or an experienced builder, you will be able to express your creative potential here. Creations can range from simple or complex 3D objects using a pre-existing library of shapes and tools, all the way to building complex multiplayer games and experiences with visual scripting. Creators can show of their work and make it visible and available to other users in Horizon at the click of a button, content discovery and distribution tools help surface creations for everyone to enjoy.

Credit: Facebook Horizons

VR Headsets

Horizons will be available on Oculus Quest and Rift S.

Quest: Oculus Quest is a all-in-one gaming system built for VR. You can play anywhere, all you need is your headset and controllers. Its simple set up process allows to get started with ease whether you at home or not. The Oculus Quest adapts to your surroundings, so you are able to play standing or sitting no matter the size of space you are in. Oculus Insight translates users movements into virtual reality no matter which way you’re facing and provides room-scale tracking. You an look around, duck for cover from anywhere in your playing area. Its has audio built directly into the headset so you can hear your teammates or what’s coming up from behind you without the use of headphones.

Prices range from: £399* 64GB – £499* 128GB

Rift S: Next-generation lenses provide a cleaner display with bright, vivid colours and help reduce “screen door” effect. Advanced hardware works alongside Oculus software to render smooth gameplay on a variety of PCs. A redesigned halo headband with speed a priority allows the Rift S to sit securely and comfortably in place with a quick twist of the fit wheel, so for those of you with cat-like reflexes, don’t worry it can take it. The Rift S delivers stunning graphics and heart-pounding gameplay with an even easier setup. With Dash, your apps and PC desktop are all within reach wherever you go in VR.

Prices from: £399*

Both the Quest and Rift S come with Oculus Touch controllers. Users can transport their hands and gestures directly into the game. Your grabs, throws and slices appear in VR with accurate, realistic precision.